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The top 5 sport books to read

These are the top 5 sport books that I have recently read and really enjoyed! They have interested me in the different current debates within sport.

Bounce- Matthew Syed

I found this book thoroughly interesting to read as it explored the question- whether talent is as important than practise. It discusses the theory that to become an expert 10,000 hours of practise is needed. I loved this book as I found it interesting to find out what separates elite athletes apart from the rest of us and to listen about Matthew Syed's experiences as a two-time Commonwealth table tennis champion.

Peak- Dr Marc Bubbs

I would thoroughly recommend this book to anyone who wants to improve their performance. This book applies sport science to help anyone reach their full potential. It covers aspects from nutrition, training, recovery and mindset. I found this book intriguing as it discussed many ongoing debates in sport science, for example 'are high or low carb diets better'.

The Sports Gene- David Epstein

I enjoyed reading this book as it discussed the ongoing debate of nature vs nurture and displayed the influence of genes on elite athletes. It answers the question 'Could we all by Olympians if we trained hard enough?' I also found this book thoroughly fascinating as it uncovered the flaws in the 10,000 hours theory (which I had recently read about in Bounce). Phil Knight- the author and owner of Nike discusses the relentless battle against the system and his methods to change the system and bring in some of the world's top athletes across to Nike for sponsorship and publicity deals.

Shoe Dog- Phil Knight

I loved this book as it gave my an insight into the different industries within sport. Shoe Dog tells the story of the owner of Nike and how the brand has become a multi-billion business- how it all started by borrowing $50 from his father and now the company is worth over $30 billion and the brand is recognisable all over the world.

The Champion's Mind- Jim Afremow

I really enjoyed reading this book as it is a great guide in developing mental strength to reach peak performance. I would recommend this to anyone who participates in sport as it offers great advice and strategies to make the right decision in game-deciding moments. It is proven that athletic ability alone does not make an athlete stand out- but the combination of the right mindset and ability.

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