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An interview with a GB hockey player

Recently, I had the opportunity to interview Olivia Chilton where I asked her how she prepares for upcoming competitions and how she sticks to her training schedule.

She has a long list of achievements including representing England/ GB hockey from U16-U23, she has competed in the European Championships U21 and achieved a Bronze medal, competed in the England U21 team at the Hockey Junior World Cup in Mochengladbach and in the GB U21 Youth Olympic Festival in Sydney where she achieved a Bronze medal. Also, she has represented various European Championships with Surbiton Ladies 1st XI team.

1. What are your biggest tips for upcoming athletes?

'To make sure you keep your life balanced, don't forget about other things that are important to you because elite sport is tough, and sometimes you want to have a little distraction away from sport with your friends or family for example.'

2. What do you do leading up to major competitions?

'Train as I would as if it was gameday each session and try and focus on improving each time.

If I have a particular skill I want to get better at, I will try practice this in training as this is the best time to make mistakes and you shouldn't be afraid to try them.'

3. How do you plan your training programme and do you stick to it successfully?

'I try stick to my training schedule as much as possible. I like to have a routine and mentally it helps me throughout the week too. I will do my best to make every training session with my teammates as it's also a nice break after a full day of work and you will always come home laughing!'

It was a great privelidge to be able to interview Olivia and find out more about her training schedules and what she does to prepare before a competition.

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