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Bringing Altitude Training Home: A Dive into Innovative Approaches

Altitude training has long been synonymous with athletes retreating to lofty peaks for enhanced performance. However, the Altitude Centre in London is redefining this concept, making it accessible for individuals to reap the benefits from the comfort of their homes.

Traditionally, athletes would live at low altitudes and train pre-season for a duration, at high altitudes. Spending time in specialist training centres in South Africa, Kenya, Mexico and the The Alps.

Capitalising on the physiological adaptations induced by reduced oxygen levels.

The Altitude Centre, however, flips the script by having individuals live at low altitude (sea level) and strategically incorporate augmented high-altitude training sessions into their normal living and training routine.

This innovative approach allows people to maintain their daily lives at lower altitudes, eliminating the need for remote mountainous locations. Members undergo physiological tests in a simulated high-altitude environment, followed by a tailored training plan using a hypoxic generator during their center visits.

The Hypoxic generator restricts oxygen intake, mimicking the conditions of high altitude, promoting increased red blood cell production and improved oxygen utilization. After six weeks of this combined training, participants are reevaluated at altitude and sea level to gauge improvements in overall fitness.

The Altitude Centre goes a step further by offering Intermittent Hypoxic Training (IHE). This technique involves breathing short bursts of mountain air through a mask, alternating with normal air. IHE accelerates adaptation to low oxygen, increasing the body's oxygen-carrying capacity and benefiting endurance, speed, and power.

In essence, the Altitude Centre's approach revolutionizes altitude training, making it feasible for individuals to incorporate into their daily lives, whether they have mountains nearby or not. The results speak for themselves, with improved fitness and performance being the ultimate indicators of this groundbreaking training methodology.

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